Group Synergy

Garrett doesn’t address information to the audience like a college professor gives a lecture. Instead he serves as a facilitator to allow each entrepreneur to critically think about a topic. Each entrepreneur is allowed to share in a safe and confidential environment about incites they have developed.

Entrepreneurs are grateful for this approach because they feel empowered to share their ideas and are able to learn from different perspectives. They express a liking for this type of training because those that have been in Corporate America and those that are striving to get away from their 9-5 job, say there is no culture to learn where there isn’t an “Us vs Them” mentality or where there is a dictatorship approach.

Group Synergy sessions also allow for entrepreneurs to recognize the person next to them is more similar to them than they realized. As entrepreneurs have their own businesses and endeavors, they feel like they are on their own “island”. This type of setting strives to break down this feeling and seeks to open a community of collaboration and support. Group coaching sessions are guided through common desired topics from the group.